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A 2-hour private money management crash course! You'll learn everything from A to Z about how to create a budget, build your savings account, and spend money with confidence. Adulting is hard! but having a plan for your money makes it a whole lot easier!

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The Moneybag Makeover is for...

Goal'den Hour (5).png
Goal'den Hour (5).png
Goal'den Hour (5).png

the one's who have never created a budget before, and don't know where to start

the ones who tried to budget before, but could never maintain

the ones who have a hard time with balancing saving money, paying for bills, and spending money on their desires

After you finish the course you'll have:

A full understanding of how to create a budget you can stick to

A system that allows you to easily keep up with your bills and other expenses

Multiple ways to stay motivated and consistent with your money management

Become able to balance your bills, savings, and spending on things that give you pleasure

Confidently spend money on yourself without feeling guilty

Hear it from the students:



Q: What happens if I purchase my ticket and can't attend the live class?

A: Everyone will receive the recorded version of the class so you can reference it again in the future and learn at your own pace if you weren't able to attend the live class

Q: When will I be added to the class group chat?

A: The class group chat will begin 1 week before the class, continue the week of class, and end 1 week after class

Q: How do I submit my take-home assignments

A: You can send them to me via email ( or via IG (@greenlineplanner)

Q: How long after the class do I have to submit my assignments

A: Submitting the assignments are completely optional, however if you wish to do so, please submit them within 2 weeks of the class

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