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Welcome to the goalfriends club! This a one-of-a-kind membership club for women who want to be apart of a community of BO$$es that are dedicated to achieving their large goals & living out their dream lives! Join the club if you're ready to BO$$ up with your goalfriends!!

What is a goalfriend?

goalfriend = the friend that cheers you on when you win, tells you when you're wrong, and supports you through anything!

Here in the club, a true goalfriend is a woman that looks to...




the women around her!​


Together we'll...

build a community of women in their 20s who are ditching fear & chasing after their dreams

develop confidence within ourselves to become the BO$$ B****es we were born to be

achieve our most ambitious goals with the genuine support from our goalfriends


*Important message to the future goalfriends

This club is exclusively for the women who are dedicated to learning, growing, and elevating in life. While the membership is free, in order to ensure that only  women who are ready to be true BO$$es and know what they can add to the group are members, there is an application you must fill out. If I believe you are a good fit for the club based off of your application, I'll send you the password & link to join the club!

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Thankful for all my goalfriends!!

Enrollment Schedule

The Goalfriends Club application opens every 4 months! Check below for the application status:

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What's included?

The Goalfriend Club
It's FREE to join!

Girlfriends group chat

The group chat is via *instagram, where you'll connect with, motivate and support your other goalfriends members

Welcome Card

A private invite sent directly to you to give you a warm welcome into the club!


Mini events are  the virtual monthly events designed for us to bond together, grow together, and ensure we have fun with each other at least once a month! 
*Paid events

Large Events

Large events where we go all out, get bougie, and turn up in person. The event tickets are all inclusive and they happen every 4 months!
*Paid events

Accountability Sister

You will be assigned an accountability partner to get to know and uplift each other