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Reopens July 29 - July 31

Welcome to the goalfriends club! This an exclusive, one-of-a-kind book club for young adults who are looking to be a part of a community of ambitious leaders that are dedicated to achieving their large goals & value personal growth! Join the book club today if you're ready to read, learn, and elevate with your goalfriends!!

What is a goalfriend?

goalfriend = the friend that cheers you on to achieving your ambitious goals, motivates you when you're down, and doesn't let you give up. 

Here in the club, a true goalfriend is someone that looks to...




the young leaders around them!​

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What's included?

Weekly Book Club Meetings

Coming together virtually every week to discuss the chapters we previously read, and to inspire one other to apply any lessons learned.

Goalfriends group chat (IG)

The group chat is via *instagram, where you'll connect, motivate, and support your other goalfriends members. Once you join the club, you'll be added to the group chat.

Celebratory Brunches

Once a month at the conclusion of the book, all the goalfriends will come together and have brunch to celebrate completing another book and share feedback of the entire book.

Goalfriends Book Kit

Every month you will have your book waiting for you at your doorstep along with other goodies to help you have fun and get the most out of your books

Goalfriends Forum

The Forum is our own social platform that we'll use for online discussions about the books, vote on next month's book, and share announcements.


For every 6 books you read, you will receive a new online badge to your club profile and a special acknowledgement at brunch. We will also ask you to share any recent accomplishments to highlight you at brunch.

Large Events

Once a year we will be hosting a large in-person event for all members that have the 6 book or more online badge.

Together we'll...

build a community of young adults in their 20s who are ditching fear & chasing after their dreams

develop confidence within ourselves to continue growing, making changes, and trying new things

achieve our most ambitious goals with the genuine support from our goalfriends

Book examples:

The Power of Habit                                                 by Charles Duhigg
The Magic of Thinking Big                                  by David J. Schwartz
The Power of Positive Thinking                  by Norman Vincent Peale
Ask and it is Given                                       by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Intelligent Investor                                      by Benjamin Graham

Title Examples:

Thankful for all my goalfriends!!