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preparing for the future

Dear college students, join me for the next 12 weeks to prepare your finances for success as you start adulting post-grad.

This is for the college student that wants to graduate with a financial foundation that they can confidently build their lives upon.

College will teach you a lot of things, but the #1 lesson they tend to leave out, is teaching you how to properly plan for life outside of college and manage your money as

a young adult!

Joining me in the 12-week PO$T GRAD PREP program, I will teach you how to create and maintain a budgeting system that you can confidently build your life with.

+ You'll learn how to maintain a healthy mindset about money so if you're ever faced with a financial hardship, you are mentally strong enough to overcome it on your own.

+ You'll learn how to create a personalized budget plan for the present and for life post-grad, so you can receive your diploma with confidence that you're entering the work force with a solid foundation.


PO$T GRAD PREP is designed for the student who wants to be ahead of the game, prepare themselves financially, and avoid making preventable mistakes with money during college and after graduation.

The perfect time is RIGHT NOW!

The earlier you start, the better off you'll be!

I get being a "broke college student" having to eat ramen noodles, working a part-time job, and catching the bus for groceries until I saved up money for a car. I know what it's like trying to ask questions about life after grad and never getting a straight answer that helped me prepare. Back then, I wish I had someone like me, a Budget Coach in their 20's, who understood my position in life and could help me set my finances up for success.

The season of life you're in is very interesting because you are young enough to make mistakes since you have time to correct them, but you're also at the age where the decisions you make now are building a foundation for the rest of your life.

I graduated from UCSD in June 2021, and started Budget Coaching July 2020. Once I realized I wasn't the only student in my position, I made it my mission to do a ton of research that I would love to share with you, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  Now's the time to learn from an expert and make the right decisions that will save you in the future!

The perfect time is RIGHT NOW! Start early with learning how to manage your money so you can start life outside of college on the right foot with a solid foundation you can be confident in.

Joining the PO$T GRAD PREP program and working with me 1:1 will give you insight into my unique budgeting strategies and how to actually apply them to your life. You'll also be able to ask the in-depth questions you've always had about money, co-create a detailed budget plan that fits your desired lifestyle, and transform your toxic money habits into conscious spending with a purpose and a plan.

Hear from a past client that worked with me while

in her 3rd year of college:

"During our first session she asked me... questions that I never even asked myself that I didn't even think needed to be asked."

"I can definitely use these tools that she's teaching me even after our coaching sessions."

"She teaches in a way that I can retain it easily and remember how to apply this to my finances in the future."

What's included



+ A total of six 45-minute private calls together via Google meet

+ A spending audit that clearly outlines where all of your money is going in a beautiful easy-to-read graph

+ Accountability and mentorship to help you achieve your goals with guidance and support

+ $50 shopping spree at Black Beauty Near You, an online beauty supply store making beauty supply products more accessible for young Black college students attending PWI's
Black Beauty Near You Site

+ Access to all of the plug & go budgeting resources for you to use during and after coaching

+ Access to a budgeting expert and coach that is here to answer any questions you have without judgement

Coffee on Desk

Coaching Syllabus:

Session 01 | Outlining plan for your goals, Ways to overcome toxic spending habits, Building a strong money mindset 

Session 02 | Building a budget for how to spend and save income from refund checks, scholarships, and part time job

Session 03 | Building a solid financial foundation, building credit, and establishing lines of defense for financial security

Session 04 | Understanding the job market, projecting your income, and creating a mock budget for adulting life

Session 05 | Breaking down taxes and paychecks, tax forms, filing taxes, job benefits, insurance, and 401k accounts

Session 06 | Creating a college loan payoff plan and solidifying your overall budget plan for the present and future

If you're ready, here's how

it works:

1. Fill out the application form with as much detail as possible

2. I will review your form and contact you via email within 1-2 business days to schedule our 30 min. onboarding call

3. At the point of your onboarding call, you will secure your spot in my calendar with a $75 deposit 

4. You'll be asked to email me your past month's statements for all of your bank accounts so I can build your spending audit report before our first 1:1 private session


I'm so excited to start this 

journey with you!

Investing in coaching is investing in yourself and a secured future. It's time to stop getting caught up in the cycle of stress with money and start spending your money in ways that'll help you live a fulfilled life!

It's time to be proactive about your money! Get started early so you can set yourself up for success, prepare for life post-grad, and avoid making preventable mistakes!

Take that leap and bet on yourself! Future you will thank you!


3 payments of


With a $75 deposit to secure your spot in my calendar

*payment plan options are available

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