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A 6-month private coaching program designed to help you overcome self-doubt, transform fear into confidence, and improve your money management skills so you can live your dreams out loud. This is high-level coaching only for ambitious women who are ready to take themselves and their goals to the next level.

Are you currently feeling...

like you're financially unprepared and like you can't afford your day-to-day expenses?

like money has been, and forever will be a stress factor that you just can't avoid?

like you no matter how much money you make, you somehow are still struggling financially?

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I've been there, and to help me overcome, I created a system that can help you overcome too!

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these planners are jam-packed with VALUE!

This planner is great for the budgeting beginners that don't know where to start, and those who have tried countless budgeting tools but couldn't find one that would stick.

With clean lines, a minimalistic format, and various money management activities and guides, this budget planner is sure to make your budgeting experience one that you will enjoy and look forward to!

No more overwhelming spreadsheets, apps that you can't keep up with, or trying to keep track of everything in your head.

Now you can have a tangible planner where everything you need to manage your money is in one spot held together by a cute purple hard cover.

The planner is structured by paychecks, so no matter if you get paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly, the planner will be able to fit your needs and last between 3-12 months!

My Money

My Rules.

these planners are jam-packed with VALUE!

  • Jada's philosophy on all things money

  • Top 10 money tips for financial success

  • Goal setting activities

  • Fixed expenses/Bills calendar

  • Self-reflective journal prompts

  • Weekly expense breakdown chart

  • Annual expense tracker

  • 12 full paycheck sections for budgeting

  • Investment planning activities

  • and much more!

Instead of following what would have been the “safer” option or “traditional” route of going off to do my Master’s program for professional accountancy, and later becoming a CPA, I declined my grad school offer to pursue my dreams.⁣

The process allowed me to build up my confidence with my money so I felt comfortable investing in myself and in my business. I was not afraid to bet on my abilities, and to chase after the lifestyle I knew I wanted and deserved.

Because I built up my money confidence, I now have my dream business of coaching other young women on how to properly manage their money so they can also gain confidence in the fact that they can afford and achieve anything they put their mind to. ⁣

I turned my system into a 6-module coaching program that will help you gain confidence in chasing after your dreams! I am so excited to help you embark on this new journey :)

So if you're ready to commit to achieving your financial goals, apply for Green & Goal'd coaching, and see if you qualify!

The system I created allowed me to build up the confidence to decline my Master's program so I could run my dream business!


Video Testimonial

"Before I started coaching with Jada, I didn't have a plan for my finances..."

"It did take me a minute to realize I needed to sign up for private coaching, but once I did, I didn't regret it."

"Since working with Jada, my finances have completely changed!"

Elements of Coaching

Module 02: Clear vision

Module 06: Mindset and Maintenance

Module 01: Habits & Self-awareness

Module 05: Action Plan

Module 03: Money Management

Module 04: Financial Plan

Gather a deeper understanding of your toxic spending habits, limiting beliefs with money, and your current financial status

I help you overcome your confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed, and help you get clear on exactly what your financial goals look like, and what they mean to you

This is where we'll transform your self-doubt into confidence that your goals are possible by creating a step-by-step action plan of how you'll achieve them

I will help you stop recklessly spending money, feeling guilty to invest in yourself, and save more for your future through learning how to analyze your money and build a budget

Help you realize that you are worth the investment and build confidence to invest in yourself first. We'll create a personalized financial plan to help you fund your goals and achieve your dream lifestyle

Learn how to maintain your motivation, cut out distractions, and build a strong mindset to push through the hard times of your journey to achieving your goals

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Green & Goal'd coaching is perfect for you because it...

will help you avoid making preventable mistakes along your journey

will give you the support and accountability you need to keep pushing forward to achieve your goals

will give you strategies and tactics you can continue to use for the rest of your life

Podcast (3).png

Client wins!!

Months after our coaching ended, my client sent me some exciting news!!!

During our coaching, we discussed her goals of building an emergency fund, saving up to start her business, and saving for her move at the end of the year.

Come to find out, she surpassed her goals, she's off to become a dentist, and has accomplished things she once believed were impossible.

This could be you too, continuing to use the strategies you learned from the Green & Goal'd coaching after the program, to continue building your dream lifestyle and achieve your goals!


Green & Goal'd Packages

Client Portal

This package is for the budget beginners who need hands-on coaching to know where to start with building a personalized budget, so they'll be able to continue elevating through life with a solid financial foundation. If you've never been taught how to properly manage your money and you've never created a budget before, this package was made just for you.

These calls will be educationally driven to equip you with the foundational knowledge you need to confidently manage your money and set yourself up right for the future

The portal shows your pricing plan and personalized coaching plan. It also holds all of your documents and resources for coaching, and shows you when your next call is along with the topic

The Goalfriends Club is a community based club of like-minded women who are chasing their dreams. It will give you a trustworthy group of driven women that are free of judgement and will help motivate you along your journey. The sisters membership is the best for transformation

Goalfriends Club Membership

Monthly 45-minute coaching call

Green Package
*6 month commitment

Gold Package
*6 month commitment

This package is for the young women who have been struggling to save money every month, find it hard to stick to a budget, and are ready to build more for their lives through proper money management. This package goes more in depth with your finances by taking a unique approach that focuses on your emotional connection to money and your overall relationship with it.

Monthly 60-minute coaching call

These calls will be designed to transform your habits and mindset around money so you can change your stress, guilt, and fear into true confidence and control

Monthly Spending Review Call

Every month in addition to our coaching call, We'll get together to review your bank statements, and I'll provide feedback on your past transactions and spending habits to give you more insight on how to improve your spending

Monthly HW

Every month you will receive hw that is designed to help you complete your transformation outside of our coaching calls. The hw is there to push you, challenge you, and inspire you along your journey.

Every month you will receive hw that is designed to help you complete your transformation outside of our coaching calls. The hw is there to push you, challenge you, and inspire you along your journey.

Monthly HW

Client Portal

The portal shows your pricing plan and personalized coaching plan. It also holds all of your documents and resources for coaching, and shows you when your next call is along with the topic

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