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Confidently spend on products that will...

help you easily gain control over your finances and get serious about your bag!

Numbers Breakdown Freebie

  • A quick assessment of your income, debt, and expenses

  • All you have to do is fill in your numbers and everything else is calculated for you!!!

  • Eliminate the confusion and quickly gain confidence in your finances

  • Know where you are so you know where to go next!

It's free!

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If you're looking to: 

: Gain financial independence

​: Increase your savings account

: Pay off your debt

: Be confident in your future

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I have the perfect thing for you!

Budget Planners

The planners include:

  • Pre and Post-year analysis of your finances

  • 12 months of budget planning

  • Monthly inspirational money quotes

  • Top 10 financial tips

  • Goal setting

  • Fixed Expense Calendar

  • Weekly Finance Tracker

  • Monthly self-reflective analysis

"Jada this planner... like I can’t even. When I tell you, you’re about to change my life!! It’s so thorough! The weekly finance tracker, goal setting, self reflective analysis, and so much more, I’m just so proud of you, you are a genius and I hope you know how fucking incredible you are for this business and product! Love you and wishing you all the success that you really deserve ! ❤️"

- Adrian

Before I even opened the actual book, I just loved the packaging and presentation. It felt like a gift to myself and I was excited to open it. I really like the sleek design and color ways. Upon opening, I like that it tells you how to use the planner in the first couple of pages. Also, I like that it can be used for a years, but allows you to set new goals and budgets each month.

- Malik

OMG Jada, I am in such awe of your packaging, GLP Budget Planner, my thank you gift and personalized hand written thank you card! Presentation is EVERYTHING and you hit the nail on the head.

- Kim

Budget Binders

The binders are a physical savings account that are designed to hold and protect your cash.


  • A6 waterproof binder

  • 12 - A6 waterproof cash envelopes

  • 12 - Sticker labels 

  • Facilitates the cash envelope method of budgeting

  • Nice and compact for easy storing


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