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let's make a plan that works for you!

1:1 Strategy Session where we take your budget and make it algins with your life and your goals for the future!

This is for those who need quick assistance in a specific area of their finances.

Let me know if this is you...

+ There is a big life change coming up soon like moving, buying a car, or starting a business, and you want to get financially prepared for it.

+ You're in college or recently graduated and want to ensure that you are using the money in an efficient and effective way that supports your goals for the near future.

+ You seem to be struggling with saving money and you want to know how to balance your expenses so you can get out of the cycle of spending money and never having enough left over to put away.

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90 minutes. Just you and me. Together we'll be creating a detailed action plan to help you and your money work toward the short-term goals you've set for yourself!

Let me tell you


90 minutes isn't enough time to completely transform your finances from point A to Z, but it will allow you to take a huge step forward in the right direction. In our 90 minutes together, you'll able able to...

+ identify the areas of your money that you need to pay more attention to and change to achieve your goals,
+ establish balance with your spending so that you are living a more fulfilled life that feels good,
+ and build a step-by-step plan for your finances that will help you save more and reach your next goal with ease.

Take it from my 

past clients:

"My favorite part about meeting with Jada was the energy and efficiency of the meeting. I felt very supported and learned a lot of information. Jada made sure that all of my questions were answered and even provided me with tools that I can use on my own!"

Here's what's in store

for you!


+ Clarity on the next steps to take with your money.

+ A custom budgeting and saving strategy built to help you achieve your goals.

+ A recorded replay of our session available after 2 business days from the live session.

+ A spending audit where I'll create an easy-to-read graph that'll show you where all your money is going.

+ Space to ask any questions you have about money.

Coffee on Desk

If you're ready, here's how

it works:

1. Fill out the Strategy Call application form with as much detail as possible

2. I will review your form and send you the invoice to pay within 24 hours to secure your spot on my calendar 

3. Once the invoice is paid, I'll send you the link to scheudle your call and request copies of your past month's bank statements to build the spending audit for you

4. We'll meet via google meet for 90 mins and hit the ground running



(payment plan is available)

Sessions will be super casual and loads of fun. Please come ready with the questions you'd like me to answer and a notebook!

I only have a handful of spots each month for Strategy Calls so be sure to secure spot sooner than later.

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