Money Confidence Coach


Hey everyone!

My name is Jada Elam, and I am a Money Confidence Coach for young women in their 20's who struggle with money management and a lack of confidence in achieving their dreams. In addition to being a coach, I am also a public speaker, workshop host, and podcast host of the BO$$ It Up podcast. My passion is to help young ambitious women like me, who didn't grow up with the best financial examples, gain confidence in saving, spending, and investing in their next-level goals. My purpose is to uplift, empower, and inspire women to not let fear win when it comes to chasing after their dreams, because they don't know if they can afford it. Green Line Planner gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences through forming a true friendship, trust, and support system between my clients and I. Continue reading to get a glimpse at how Green Line Planner first started.

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What inspired me?

​Growing up, I realized at an early age, just how powerful money really is. I seen how quickly it could bring stress, anxiety, and conflict in a person's life, and from that moment forward I became committed to learning the best financial practices.

While attending college, I constantly overheard conversations between women discussing how their feeling stressed out by their finances and they don't have so many questions about how to properly manage what they have. I also realized just how many of my friends were going broke just a couple days after getting paid, and lacking the self confidence to go after their dreams.

​I quickly identified this as a need I can help women achieve. I knew that I had the knowledge and experience to help transform their personal finances and self confidence into a secure foundation for them to build their dream life upon.

I hosted multiple programs at my university that taught women how to analyze their finances, create budgets they could maintain, and make their ambitious goals less intimidating. I then turned my workshops into a business that is here to help you achieve your goals and the financial freedom you deserve.


I am dedicated to spreading God's love and wisdom through uplifting my fellow women to have faith in God's ability and their own to transform their lives and allow them to reach goals they once believed were impossible.

Finances are more than just numbers, it includes everything surrounding money like your emotions, behaviors, perspectives, and beliefs. My mission is to show my amazing clients that they can afford and achieve anything they put their mind to.

It's time to push fear aside and choose FAITH!

Push past that voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself and throw away all the lies you've been telling yourself!

Your new beginning starts today and it begins with you deciding to change and want better for yourself.

You deserve to walk confidently through life without stress and worry, so sis let's get to work and let's get you living out your dreams in real life!

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