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With experience speaking for multiple colleges, organizations, businesses, and podcasts...
Jada inspires young women to believe in themselves and have confidence that they can achieve and afford anything they put their mind to!

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"The more knowledge you have about your finances, the more power you have to change your financial situation."

- Jada Elam

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Jada speaks from her true experiences to inspire and motivate young women to live life to the fullest and chase after their dreams with confidence


Growing up, Jada has seen just how powerful money can be and how much of an influence it has on a person's life. The struggles she persevered through in her childhood stemmed from the negative power of money. As she has grown and matured, Jada has made it her life mission to teach young women the positive power of money and how it can be used as a tool to achieve your most ambitious goals and build your dream life!


Being able to speak, share experiences, and inspire others is what keeps Jada motivated along her journey. She deeply enjoys speaking for an audience and being able to push others to ditch their fears and live the life they've always dreamt of.

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Learning Outcomes

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Jada customizes each of her speeches to best fit the needs of the audience and the event. Below are a few of the learning objectives that are commonly discussed in her speaking:

  • How to make your ambitious goals less intimidating

  • The importance of having an action and financial plan for achieving your dreams

  •  How to overcome the fear and self-doubt that stops you from taking the first step

  • How to use money to build your dream life and achieve your goals

Intended Audience

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  • Women's Conferences

  • Personal finance & development events

  • Networking events for young professionals

  • Podcasts with a predominately female audience

What some of her audience has said:

Sophia Sumaray


I loved it! It makes me want to look into my finances more and make sure that I'm prepared for the future so that I don't need to worry about money as much when I'm fully independent.

Malik Navarra Gilbert


Jada was amazing! We brought her in to hold a workshop for our student staff and she did a really great job sparking their desire to manage their money. We ended up having a long talk about the practices that we use to budget and everyone came out of the meeting having learned something new

Julieanna Alvarado


So informative and motivational. I want/ need to budget now!


Fill out a "SPEAKING REQUEST" form and be as detailed as possible in your inquiry. Thank you in advance, and I can't wait to hear from you!

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