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1:1 Budget Coaching

Accountability | Expert Guidance | In-depth Transformation

After working 1:1 with me, you will not only leave with a uniquely designed budgeting plan that you can stick to, but you will also leave confident in the fact that you can maintain the healthy and consistent relationship with your money that we've built over time.



private 1:1

I went through hard financial times, learned from my financial mistakes, and did a ton of research on my free time so YOU DON'T HAVE TO! It's your time to learn from an expert and take the shortcut to financial confidence!

You can learn tips, tricks, and strategies for managing your money from Google and YouTube University, but what good are they if you don't know how to apply them to your unique situation? That's where private coaching comes in!

Working 1:1 with me will allow you to ask the in-depth questions you've always had, co-create a detailed budget plan that fits your needs and lifestyle, and transform your toxic money habits into confidence.



"Before I started coaching with Jada, I didn't have a plan for my finances..."

"It did take me a minute to realize I needed to sign up for private coaching, but once I did, I didn't regret it."

"Since working with Jada, my finances have completely changed!"


let's work 


This knowledge will stick with you forever! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

3-month coaching package:

| Two 60 min. monthly meetings
We will meet twice a month via google meet to take a deep dive into your relationship, patterns, and beliefs about money.

| Online Coaching Portal
You will receive a personalized portal that is shared between you and I that will house all of your coaching materials. This will house your goals, budget plans, and other notes that you can refer back to in the future.

| Coaching in your pocket
You will have 24/7 access to coaching via text that allows you to ask questions no matter the day or time, and help you get quick advice whenever you need it most throughout the month.

| Online Budgeting Course 
A detailed introductory course that teaches you the basics on how to budget step-by-step.

| My Money My Rules budget planner 
This is a budget planner that includes budgeting tips, strategies, reminders, and allows you to budget for a total of 12 paychecks. The planner also comes with self-reflective journal prompts so you can dig deeper into your relationship with money on your own.

| 15-minute follow-up meeting after 30 days 
A 15. minute meeting where we see how you're applying everything you learned from our session to your daily life 30 days after you finished coaching.

$500/month INVESTMENT

90 min. Strategy Call

| One 90 min. coaching call
We will meet for 90 minutes to do an intense and quick deep dive into your finances to help you budget and navigate whatever situation you are currently in. This option is for those who may have a specific goal and need guidance on how to financially plan for it, experiencing a situation they need help navigating through financially, or even those who would like to see what coaching with me is like before investing in my 3 month coaching package.  If this is you, book your call today so we can get to work ASAP! I can't wait to help you!

$150 / call

how to sign up:

Ringing Phone

01 Discovery Call

Hop on a 30-min call with me to get a feel for my coaching style, learn more about the program, and see if this program is for you.
You never know until you try or ask.

Heart & Hands

02 Agreement of Services

If you know for a fact that this program was made for you, then the next step is to sign our agreement of services and pay the first invoice.
*I do offer payment plans that can be discussed in the discovery call

Piggy Bank

03 Coaching + Transformation

Lastly, we will meet every month and discuss things that you've probably never explored before. We will also transform your thoughts, emotions and actions that are related to money into positive and productive systems that work better for you.

is this


Are you struggling to keep up with your bills and would like to save more money each month?

| Yes

Do you have large goals you need to financially prepare for like moving out, starting a business, or buying a new car?

| Yes

Are you tired of feeling stressed out, anxious, or irresponsible with your money?

| Yes

If the answer is yes, then you would be a perfect fit for the 3-month coaching program.

topics we'll cover


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build a budget specific to your needs and desires

  • Transforming Toxic Spending Habits

  • Organizing and Keeping Track of your monthly and annual Bills

  • Balancing your spending

  • Reviewing your Bank Statements

  • Maintaining your Budget

  • Identifying your necessary v. unnecessary expenses

  • Paying off Debt

  • Saving money with a plan

  • Planning for the unexpected/emergencies

  • Investing Money in yourself and your goals

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