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one on one coaching 

12 weeks of in-depth transformation. You and me working together to close the gap between you and your definition of a THRIVING life.

This is for the people who are SERIOUS about making a real change to maintain a better life!

It's time to take control of your money and take control of your


In just 3 months, I will teach you how to build a budgeting system that is uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals for the future! 

+ You'll learn how to maintain a healthy mindset about money so if you're ever faced with a financial hardship, you are mentally strong enough to overcome it on your own.

+ You'll learn so much about the deep-rooted causes behind your spending habits and we'll transform any myths about money that you may have internalized from miseducation.

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This plan is designed for the individual who's ready to go from living paycheck to paycheck without a proper savings account to having a secure financial foundation that'll allow them to confidentially live a THRIVING LIFE!

Can I be honest?

I've been exactly where you are right now...

There was a time when I was drowning in credit card debt, over-drafting my account every paycheck, and feeling like my situation was never going to change. Once I decided to no longer make the reason why I was in that situation be my excuse to stay there, my whole life changed.

I've been through hard financial times, but I learned from my mistakes, and made it my mission to do a ton of research that I would love to share with you, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  Now's the time to learn from an expert and take the shortcut to financial confidence!

You can learn a lot of tips and strategies for managing your money on Google and YouTube University, but what good are they if you don't know how to apply them to your life? That's where private coaching comes in!

Working one on one with me will give you insight into my unique budgeting strategies and how to actually apply them to your life. You'll also be able to ask the in-depth questions you've always had about money, co-create a detailed budget plan that fits your desired lifestyle, and transform your toxic money habits into conscious spending with a purpose.

Listen to how my previous client went through a 

major transformation!


"Before I started coaching with Jada, I didn't have a plan for my finances..."

"It did take me a minute to realize I needed to sign up for private coaching, but once I did, I didn't regret it."

"Since working with Jada, my finances have completely changed!"

Does this sound

like you?


You're struggling to keep up with your bills and it feels like you never have enough money leftover to save.

You have large goals you want to start financially preparing for like moving out, starting a business, or buying a  new car.

You feel guilty for spending money on yourself, and it almost feels like you're being irresponsible when you do.

You've accumulated credit card debt over the years that now seems like a never-ending cycle to pay off.

You've been avoiding your bank account because you fear it's disappointing and you'd rather not think about it.

Coffee on Desk

Here's what you're getting

6, 60 minute 1:1 sessions via Google Meet

Unlimited support in-between sessions

Ongoing accountability to help you achieve your goals

Weekly homework challenges to promote continued learning

Automatic entry to any workshops hosted during your term

Access to all of my plug & go digital budgeting resources to use during and after our coaching term

Access to a budgeting expert and coach that is here to answer any questions you have without judgement

Topics we'll cover


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build a budget specific to your needs and desires

  • Transforming Toxic Spending Habits

  • Organizing and Keeping Track of your monthly and annual Bills

  • Balancing your spending

  • Reviewing your Bank Statements

  • Maintaining your Budget

  • Identifying your necessary v. unnecessary expenses

  • Paying off Debt

  • Saving money with a plan

  • Planning for the unexpected/emergencies

  • Investing Money in yourself and your goals

If you're ready, here's how

it works:

1. Fill out the application form with as much detail as possible

2. I will review your form and contact you via email within 1-2 business days to schedule our 15 min. onboarding call

3. At the point of your onboarding call, you will secure your spot with a $150 deposit 

4. You'll be asked to email me your past month's statements for all of your bank accounts so I can review them before our first 1:1 private session

I'm so excited to start this 

journey with you!

Investing in coaching is investing in yourself and a secured future. It's time to stop getting caught up in the cycle of stress with money and start spending your money in ways that'll help you live a fulfilled life!

It's time to be proactive about your money! Don't wait to last minute to dig yourself out of hole but instead, prevent yourself from falling into one in the first place!

Take that leap and bet on yourself! Future you will thank you!


3 payments of


With a $150 deposit to secure your spot in my calendar

*other payment plan options are available

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