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Joy vs. Happiness

Joy is deeper than temporary happiness

Have you ever wondered why some rich people are still not satisfied with life even though they can afford whatever they want, while someone who is dirt poor will be skipping down the street singing their favorite tune? It's because while one is focused on being happy, the other is focused on being joyful. Being joyful is a valuable characteristic to have. I like to describe it as being able to keep your peace of mind and a positive outlook on life in spite of whatever hardships you may face. On the other hand, happiness is a situationally charged emotion that is a lot easier to be taken away. Your happiness is dependent upon your situation and what's currently happening in your life. So if your situation is something you don't like, it is easy to say that you're unhappy... But your joy is 100% dependent on YOU and your outlook, so even if your situation isn't the best one, your joy can still in tact because you understand that your situation is temporary and your life overall is a good one. Many times we believe that once we make a million dollars, once we get our dream house, or once we get into a "better" situation, then we'll have true joy... but we're wrong. If your joy was dependent upon your situation like happiness, everyone on this earth would be depressed about 80% of the time, but if you realize that joy is something you find within yourself, then you have more power to decide how a situation affects you.

“Joy is found within you, while happiness is found around you. Focus on finding joy, because what's around you can always change." -Jada Elam

Here are 6 things that you should be aware of that can easily kill your joy: 1. Doubting your abilities and self-worth 2. Overextending yourself⁠ 3. Letting fear rule your decisions 4. Putting unrealistic expectations⁠ on yourself 5. Constantly complaining⁠ or focusing on the negative 6. Always seeking the approval of others⁠ Avoid doing these 6 things to protect your joy, because it is worth more than you can imagine When people become depressed, there is a lack of joy in their life, and it's hard to come out of such a low state. Depression can serve as a feedback loop of negativity and this is part of what makes it so hard to overcome. By protecting your joy, you're protecting your peace and protecting your state of mind! I can easily tell when my joy is off because I'll be in a great situation but still feel low. When you feel this way, it is best to first figure out what dimmed your joyful light in the first place. Once you know what kilt your joy, the only way to build it back up is to do the internal work! Because joy comes from within, you have to change things within yourself in order to gain it back. Some of these things include: 1.Your daily thoughts 2.How you approach life 3.What you believe in 4.Your view of yourself 5.What motivates you You should re-evaluate these things from time-to-time to keep your joy up and protected. I would love to hear about your experiences with joy vs. happiness, and how you go about protecting your joy.

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