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You're already her!

What is holding your back form being who you've always dreamed to be? Are you waiting for the "right time" to come along? Is there something you're wanting to gain first? Are you intimidated by the success of your dream self? REMINDER!!! The woman you’ve always wanted to be is already within you, you just have to bring her out and start living that truth! I was able to go from having the lowest self esteem in myself to being confident enough to start my own business and be secure in the financial decisions I was making. Crying in the bathrooms at school and always doubting myself was draining and I felt like I was stuck and going around in a circle. Until one day I got so tired of being stuck that I decided it was time to change my life around. 2017 - Freshman in college Before, I was putting my dreams on pause for others, waiting for “a better time” to act on my dreams, and being scared of wanting that success but not being able to actually achieve it.

2021 - Senior in college Now, I am living my dream life as a 21yr old entrepreneur who’s graduating with her B.S. this June and moving to my dream city in 3 months all on my own. I didn’t get here by just dreaming of this lifestyle, but by believing that I already was that woman I envisioned.

I got clear on who it was that I wanted to become and I did 3 things to start living my dream life as my dream self. 1.Let go of all the excuses and truly believe that anything you want in life is 100% possible for you if you just apply yourself 2.Stop believing that things that didn’t go as planned were failures, but simply learning experiences along my journey to success 3.Changed my thoughts and became more aware of my daily habits and patterns so I could make better decisions that would help me reach my dream self Green Line Planner is here to help you glow up from the green up and build your dream life through gaining confidence in your finances, goals, and decisions. Feel free to reach out to me and tell me about your answer to the question above, I would love to chat about it with you!

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