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Green Line Planner is a safe space for you to take the first step toward improving your relationship with money and building a solid foundation for your future.

Book a 60min. Coaching Call with me so we can create a plan to overcome current financial struggles, provide consulting on achieving your goals, answer any of your money questions, and recommend the best strategy to move forward and maintain financial well-being!

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Knowing how to balance and organize your money doesn't always come

Your parents might not have taught you good money habits, and you probably tried to learn a thing or two from Google or YouTube, but you're still not sure how to apply the concepts to your life.

*that's why I'm here!

Budgeting is about understanding how to confidently plan your spending, so you feel financially free to build the lifestyle you desire.

Let's alleviate your financial stress today and start getting your green in line through understanding your relationship with money, mapping out your goals, and implementing a strategic plan to continuously live a fulfilled life!

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young professionals and small business owners who are advancing in life, balance their spending, save for their next big step, and improve their mindset around making more money all at the same time!

get                      in line.

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Green Line Planner teaches...

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go from...

Struggling with:

Balancing paying for billls, spending on fun, saving money, and lowering your debt all at the same time.

Saving money for emergencies, large purchases, annual expenses, and fun occasions.

Controlling your unnecessary spending and knowing what to prioritize first.

Creating a financial plan to help you reach your small and large goals. this

Excelling at:

Balance paying for bills, fun, debt, and saving money without stress.

Consistently saving money and building financial security for your future and in case of emergencies.


Intentionally spending your money on things that align with your priorities and desired lifestyle.

Strategically planning to invest your money into things that will help you achieve your goals.

budgeting can be

fun and creative!

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with a template that's aesthetically laid out to take you through the process of creating a budgeting system that you can stick to,

self-reflective journal prompts to help you dive deeper than the calculations and understand your relationship with money,

and goal setting initiatives to keep you motivated and consistent...

the My Money My Rules budget planner is here to take the edge off adulting and put the fun into spending money!

  • Jada's philosophy on all things money

  • Top 10 money tips for financial success

  • Goal setting activities

  • Fixed expenses/Bills calendar

  • Self-reflective journal prompts

  • Weekly expense breakdown chart

  • Annual expense tracker

  • 12 full paycheck sections for budgeting

  • Investment planning activities

  • and much more!

My Money

My Rules.

these planners are jam-packed with VALUE!


do you need more                                           and want to work through your financial stressors with the guidance of an                       in the budgeting?



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1:1 Budget Coaching

Accountability | Expert Guidance | In-depth Transformation

After working 1:1 with me, you will not only leave with a uniquely designed budgeting plan that you can stick to, but you will also leave confident in the fact that you can maintain the healthy and consistent relationship with your money that we've built over time.

Moneybag Makeover


money management made easy!

Makeover the way you perceive and manage your money with the Moneybag Makeover Course.

This is a self-paced course that allows you to get a deeper understanding of how to easily apply Jada's money management concepts to your life.

Everything you need to know to start living financially stress-free

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Over the course of my young adult life, I have been able to transform into a confident spender and a budgeting expert that has overcome fear, insecurity, anxiety, and much more through developing my unique self-reflective approach to budgeting.

I dedicated a large part of my life to trial and error, learning from other's mistakes, reading books, and doing tons of research about money management, so young professionals like you don't have to. I took the long route in order to give you the shortcut!

hi :), I'm Jada

the budget expert!

My finance journey started similar to yours, where I was insecure about my income, fearful that I would go broke again, and confused on where to start to build financial security for myself. 

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"Jada really encouraged me in believing that a healthy relationship with my finances is possible, and that is starts with mindset towards my money - it determines how we spend and if we save."


"Thank you!! I love seeing my money grow like you don't understand how much I needed this! Our community needs financial stability so we can rule the world! And you're making it so easy for us. Thanks Jada."


"I'm so proud of you fr and I'm grateful!! My a** could not keep money in my account at all. Lord knows I needed this! You're a blessing and I need everyone to get into it!"

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