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How getting intentional changed my life!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Don't just dream about it, be about it! Before I was this young woman living her dream life as an entrepreneur with confidence in who I am and a solid plan for my future, I was lost, confused, and unmotivated with life I knew who I wanted to be and I knew that I was capable of becoming HER, but I just didn’t have the confidence to take that first step in that direction Intentionality completely transformed that, and ultimately changed my LIFE in two ways: 1. I began to understand that everything that happens in my life is INTENTIONALLY happening FOR me and not to me I realized that all of my detours, downfalls, and moments of struggle added up to make me exactly who I am today! If I didn’t go through some of the things I had to endure as a child, I would not be able to inspire young women the way that I do or even understand where my clients are coming from when they need my help Everything that happens is a part of your life journey and your testimony. Never look at a failure as just a failure, look at it as an opportunity!!

“Your failures and setbacks are your opportunities to learn, grow, and become stronger! We all need our downs just as much as we need our ups" -Jada Elam

2. I began to get intentional about everything I did in life I didn’t want another day to go by and it felt like I was just blowing in the wind like a leaf with no purpose I wanted everything that I did to help me reach my goal of becoming a young woman that is well put together, confident in her own skin and decisions, and living a life with no fear or regrets. Once I got intentional about all of my actions, even the mundane tasks like waking up early in the morning, I started feeling more satisfied and content with my life. I noticed that I had started LIVING as the woman I dreamt about I gained confidence in the decisions I made, I gained confidence in myself to trust my judgement, and I gained confidence in God’s plan for me. If you dream about one day becoming a confident woman that knows exactly what she wants out of life, is secure in her finances, and kicks ass at anything she puts her mind to…. Message me and tell me what has been preventing you from becoming that woman and I would love to have a conversation with you about it! Getting out of the fear that is holding you back is a large part of my Money Confidence Coaching! Spots for my private coaching are still open, if you are interested, feel free to reach out!

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